Photographs and the History
Abandoned Mines in Iwate


Matsuo Mine

松尾鉱山は明治期より硫黄鉱を産して東洋一と謳われるほどの繁栄を築き、およそ 15,000 人が暮らした鉱山町は雲上の楽園と称されました。
1972 年閉山

The sulfur mine prospered as the largest mine in the East. Mining towns had a total population of 15,000, and one of them was praised as a "Paradise above the Clouds".
closure in 1972

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Taro Mine

1971 年閉山

The mine, discovered in the 1850s, produced iron sulfide ore and lead ore. Afterwards, the mine grew into one of the largest mines in the Tohoku region in the 20th century.
closure in 1971

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Tsuchihata Mine

1976 年閉山

The mine produced copper ore from the early 20th century and operated as the last one of former Yuda Town, Waga county, where many mines prospered in the past.
closure in 1976

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