Ominato #01


遠心鋳造法は円筒状の鋳型を高速で回転させ、注湯した溶融金属に遠心力を作用させて加圧、密着させる加工法です。 遠心鋳造鋼管の製造は世界的に未開発の分野であり、考案者の中島は実用化にあたって多くの特許を取得しました。

1943 年閉山

Ominato Mine

The centrifugal casting method is a technique using centrifugal force to exert pressure on molten metal. This is achieved by pouring the molten metal into a cylindrical mold spinning at high-speed. The production of steel tubes using this method was an undeveloped field at that time, and Nakajima, the inventor, obtained numerous patents related to it.

closure in 1943


Minatomachi, Mutsu City, Aomori
iron sand, limestone

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Photographed in 2005
Printed in 2018 / 2019